Who Is Hate This: Marianna Kreidler

“Who is Hate This?” is a series where we spotlight each member of Hate This Films and highlight how they contribute to the team. Many of our members not only possess an odd, strange, and dangerous love for filmmaking, but they are also gifted with their own talents and ambitions for their respective careers. We hope that these vignettes put a little spotlight on those talents as well as aid you, the reader, in getting to know Hate This.


Marianna Kreidler

Marianna on set of “Shades of Assumption”. Credit: Riley Abbott

What about her?

Marianna Kreidler joins Hate This from Sandusky, Ohio.  She has a wide range of interests, including being an amateur bike mechanic, bread baker (no, seriously), ukulelist, as well as teaching herself scrap-wood carpentry.  In addition to being the program coordinator and film instructor at Locust Street Art, Marianna has also recently been named Buffalo’s bicyclist of the month.  She just completed work on a four-part documentary about the historical battle for the separation of church and state.  Her true passion lies in using film to not only educate, but also to empower people to try and create a “more just society”.


What’s Hate got to do with it?

After moving to Buffalo on a whim, Marianna got involved with Hate This to “meet the film kids”.  She has since worked with the group on shorts 8 PM (First Assistant Camera), and Shades of Assumption (Cinematographer), as well as the Pentimento music video for Almost Atlantic (Crew). She has an interest and aids the crew in almost all aspects of the film-making process, and hopes to add screenwriter to her repertoire of production titles.


In Conclusion:

The nobelest of the group, Marianna hopes to use film to tell stories that will educate and empower people around the world, and pursues whichever career path will best help her to succeed in that task.


Marianna doesn’t tweet, but you can follow her in real life on your bike, just keep an eye out for her red plaid Schwinn or a rainbow tandem.  Check back here to find out who we spotlight next in “Who is Hate This?”


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