Who is Hate This: Dave Flanagan

“Who is Hate This?” is a series where we spotlight each member of Hate This Films and highlight how they contribute to the team. Many of our members not only possess an odd, strange, and dangerous love for filmmaking, but they are also gifted with their own talents and ambitions for their respective careers. We hope that these vignettes put a little spotlight on those talents as well as aid you, the reader, in getting to know Hate This.


Dave Flanagen

He even looks like a film guy.

What about him?

Dave Flanagan comes to Hate This from Baltimore, Maryland.  While his job is working with technical support for an Internet service provider, his passions do lie elsewhere.  Dave has a love of film, winning multiple awards for his short “A Private Place” (above) before working with Hate This. But despite his success in film, nothing exceeds Dave’s love of family.  Father of two, he likes to consider himself a “very capable super dad”.


What’s Hate got to do with it?

Dave has worked with Hate This Films on shorts Everyone Knows One (Actor), 8 PM (Screenwriter and Director), and Dinner (Screenwriter and Actor), as well as the Pentimento music videos for Unless (Crew) and Almost Atlantic (Crew).  By working with Hate This, Dave hopes to be on their good side when they “take over the world”. Smart man.


In Conclusion:

Dave feels that not only is Buffalo a great city, but that it has a lot of talented people he wants to continue working with.  In order to have a family, Dave had to put aside his love of filmmaking.  Now that his sons are getting older, he is trying to get back to that passion.  His goal is not only to keep making movies, but to have people want him to continue making movies.


You can find out more about Dave and his work by following him on Twitter @farskape.  Check back here to find out who we spotlight next in “Who is Hate This?”

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