Who is Hate This: Courtney Janicki

“Who is Hate This?” is a series where we spotlight each member of Hate This Films and highlight how they contribute to the team. Many of our members not only possess an odd, strange, and dangerous love for filmmaking, but they are also gifted with their own talents and ambitions for their respective careers. We hope that these vignettes put a little spotlight on those talents as well as aid you, the reader, in getting to know Hate This.

Courtney Janicki

Courtney on set of “Shades of Assumption”. Credit: Riley Abbott

What about her?

Courtney Janicki joins Hate This from Delevan, New York. She is currently working as the Visual Assistant Manager at Garage, but her passion is in music. She loves attending concerts, reading, as well as film making, and greatly enjoys acting and being involved with Hate This. Along with developing her acting skills, Courtney is also hard at work in becoming a master hoop dancer.


What’s Hate got to do with it?

Courtney has worked with Hate This on screen in all shorts (that you know about) with the exception of Dinner and Music Hero. Working so often with Hate This has helped her to develop more confidence in both her acting abilities as well as herself. This evolvement can be seen in her most recent performance in Shades of Assumption (Irate Girlfriend).  Being on set makes Courtney feel like she’s accomplishing something, and she hopes to not only broaden her acting ability by working with Hate This, but to also learn more about the entire film making process.


In Conclusion:

Courtney has it all figured out with the goal to simply “be happy,” and do whatever keeps her that way. Whether it’s acting, traveling the globe, or becoming a show-off master Hoop Dancer, Courtney pursues the joys of life.

You can find out more about Courtney and her work by following her on Twitter @Court_MJanicki.  Check back here to find out who we spotlight next in “Who is Hate This?”

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