UPDATE: Hate This Films…and Films

It has been quite some time since the last HATE THIS post updated fans on the activity at Hate This. The reason for that is simply the fact that the team has been filming faster than they can write. Even through the release of Pentimento’s music video Circles, and the Director’s Cut of Music Hero, the camera hasn’t stopped rolling. Director David Jackson attributes this to two reasons: get better, and get better.

“I’m still very disappointed with the turn out of the 48 [Hour Film Project]. A lot went into that, and I feel like a lot of talent and work was looked over. So I guess you can look at this frenzy of work as a response telling those paying attention, and ourselves, that we’re getting better.”

After working hard for 48 hours straight, the Hate This Team was disappointed to discover that their film “Music Hero” did not make the “Best Of” showing.  Despite this setback, the team refused to give up.  Knowing that they have shown great levels of improvement in the last year, they were determined to keep working.  The feeling of not being good enough came, but didn’t last long.  Instead the team decided to keep moving forward and to keep improving.

The only way to do that, according to the director, is to create often.

“If you just look at the work we’ve put out since [filming] ‘Music Hero’, all the way up to the short we just finished, you definitely see progress. I’ve noticed our shoots are running significantly smoother. We’re all getting used to working together.”

Right now, the most important thing for David is to keep up the pace while not sacrificing noticeable quality. From the looks of it, quality is never a problem with Hate This.  They’re clearly not afraid of delays and push backs, as shown with the films “Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists”, “Music Hero” and the currently untitled project that’s near completion.

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