Spotlight: Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists: Director’s Cut

This week, we finally released the long awaited Director’s Cut version of David Jackson’s “Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists”. A movie about a girl (@MsShannaMontana) whose husband (@mattybyke) is taken from her by the evil Emperor Chu (@TheDoubleHMan) of the mysterious land of Nual.

And when we say mysterious, we mean mysterious. Literally, we know nothing about it, except that it’s ruled by the powerful and evil Emperor Chu. Who he rules? Not sure. But it’s with an iron fist, furiously.

Long story short, Emperor Chu wants a “stupid” necklace that Shanna, our heroine, gave to her husband Matt: an owl medallion, that apparently holds great power. Thing is, when Emperor Chu sent his Iron Fairies, or Ninjas, to kidnap Matt, they left the necklace for Shanna to find.

This is when things get crazy.

We meet a random, but very necessary character  (who looks staggeringly similar to the stranger Matt left the kids with): Bobby. The self proclaimed “Guardian of Nual”  appears to Shanna and catches her up to speed on her husband’s whereabouts. Surprisingly enough, Shanna accepts the situation quite quickly and starts her quest to prove that chivalry is not dead…the woman just has to do it.

The film “Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists” is an action adventure comedy done in vintage Kung Fu movie style. The costumes and effects are over-the-top, the fight scenes are laughable, and the story is really just a reason to pit two forces against each other for the sake of mankind…or just one man really.

There is plenty to love and hate about this film, from unforgettable characters like The Mauler (@WhoizJD), to the pathetic excuse for accurate dubbing. But what we love the most, is that this nine minute short film is all kinds of fun for viewers. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to head over to our Productions Page and root for Shanna as she karate-chops waves of Emperor Chu’s mercenaries.

We’re rooting for Emperor Chu. #TeamIronFairies


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