“Rent Me” Coming This Friday

This May, the Hate This Team announced their latest excursion into the genre of comedy. The project entitled “Rent Me” was originally scheduled to be filmed in one day for release as a sketch. Three production days and two months later, Hate This can proudly announce the release date of Shanna Montana’s latest venture: July 13th.

It’s fitting that the series of unlucky events that occur for Shanna’s character, known only as “The Landlord”, can be viewed on the notorious Friday the 13th. “Rent Me” takes place in an apartment’s open house. The landlord is forced to find new tenants after the current one (Ryan Elliott) decides to move out after just three months, since the rent is, for lack of a better way to put it, too damn high. But how bad can showing a small living space be? Our landlord figures that out along with the rest of us, as she plunges through a wave of characters who can best be described as, mad. From bloodied applicants to darkness dwelling drama queens, Shanna the Landlord may have to worry about two vacancies by nightfall: the apartment, and her mind.

Put together by the same bunch to slap “Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists” online, the most exciting aspect of “Rent Me” is the new talent both in front of and behind the camera. Audio master Jeordan Hill lends some much-needed sound work in his first Hate This release, as well as some premium acting as Mr. Rapiere – a fun-loving applicant with a too tender love for children. Acting along side of Jeordan is local breakout comedian Kyle Turner, who aided heavily with character development during Rent Me’s pre-production and writing. Other new faces include Ryan Elliott, Rhianna Lee, and though she’s not exactly “new”, Courtney Janicki takes off her Iron Fairy mask for the first time. Even Director David Jackson makes an appearance or two if all that wasn’t enough.  These combined efforts create the most polished Hate This effort to date.

Hate This Films’ “Rent Me” will be posted here Friday the 13th at its launch party that night. Follow @hatethisfilms to know the minute it’s posted, and like Hate This Films at for a week of leaks and the countdown to one unlucky release date.

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