Project: #CornStarch

The next Hate This Films production is well underway, with the second day of shooting taking place Sunday morning in downtown Buffalo, NY. The cast and crew of “Fury of the Iron Fairy Fists: Director’s Cut” were able to fend off onlookers and spare-change-inquiring loiterers long enough to get some impressive visuals for their next short film, which is code named #CornStarch.

What is #CornStarch? We can assure you in this context it has nothing to do with corn, and something to do with suspense and mayhem. The Hate This Team is cooking up something special due for release late October, and promises that fans of the first film will love (or hate) this one even more.

No longer hindered by a 48 hour deadline, Directer David Jackson has given himself and crew roughly a month to create a formidable answer to the well received kung-fu movie released in early September. With fewer constraints on time, Jackson & Co. hope to deliver a more polished end product, featuring better scripting, shots, and cinematography.

Time isn’t the only luxury benefiting Project: #CornStarch. The team has added more video equipment and an audio department, to ensure the next epic will look and feel accordingly. If that’s not enough there are as many as 20 people contributing to the production, each anxious and excited about the upcoming release. And after reviewing the footage of this past shoot, you should be too.

Hate This Films will be releasing more info on #CornStarch as production continues. Keep an eye on and follow @hatethisfilms on Twitter for updates on the movie’s premiere and more news!

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