Supernatural Saturday

Led by Director Dave Flanagan, the Hate This Team brushed off their camera last month, and spent an entire Saturday filming. With their last production wrapping 4 months ago and almost a year passing since their last release (Shades of Assumption), Hate This continues to add to their post-production workload, this time with a short that features heavy dialog and four supernatural girls who reunite every 4 years. Written by Megan Layman, the most exciting part of this project was getting to work with new faces. “It was fun seeing them fall into their friend roles in real life as well. In between takes they would joke and talk and you could see the same dynamic start to develop in real life as in the movie.” Dave comments.

Melissa Flanagan (Dinner) and Bob Potozniak, took advantage of the FVC’s 4th Annual Winter Open Audition Casting Call last month, to pluck some new acting talent including Nicole Beyser and Enya Patterson, along with former Buffalo Jill Jen Giaccotto, and Shannon Zelli. Armed with only a few rehearsals  and a 17 page script, the girls took on the daunting task of memorizing and performing lines for 20 hours, which served as a valuable learning experience to everyone involved.

With a long line of movies occupying the “To Be Released” bin, a quick turnaround is not expected for the crew, but the absence of releases has not meant the absence of work for Hate This.

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